1.)     If you see a post in your Facebook timeline with a video about a huge snake eating a man alive, even if you’re tempted to watch it, don’t click the link.     If you hit the play button on the post, you’ll be taken to a page that looks virtually identical to a Facebook page, but actually falls under the frvideoss.com domain.   You’ll be then prompted to share that post before you can view the video, and then to answer a survey.   And, while all of this is happens, your Facebook account, and Twitter accounts, if they are linked, repeatedly share the malware link to friends and followers.

2.)     The rising price of bacon hasn’t slowed us down.    In the 12 month period which ended in April, Americans ate about 1.1 billion servings of bacon, a 6% increase over the previous year.     The jump is even more impressive when you consider over that same time period, the average retail price for a pound of sliced bacon increased 18.8%.   But, it also means bacon is the priciest component of many burger builds.    Which means it’s possible that fast food restaurants may start going over their unofficial $5 price ceiling on sandwich.

3.)     If you watched the “Game of Thrones” finale you weren’t alone, and the same is true even if you watched it illegally.     The piracy monitoring blog TorrentFreak is reporting that the season four ending episode, which aired on Sunday night, broke the record for most illegal downloads.      According to the site, there were 1.5 million downloads of the episode within the first 12 hours after its premiere, with more than 250,000 users sharing the same file.    Plus, TorrentFreak is estimating that number of downloads will rise to 7.5 million in the coming days.