1.)     Before you make that next major purchase or decision, consider drinking a full bottle of water.    Scientists have concluded people with full bladders make wiser decisions.    Researchers discovered the brain’s self-control mechanism provides restraint in all areas at once.    So people with a full bladder were able to better control and “hold off” making important, or expensive, decisions, leading to them having better judgment.

2.)     Wearable tech is certainly all the rage today.    Now, two entrepreneurs in India have created the world’s first “smart shoe.”      Lechal smart shoes and insoles have interactive haptic know-how, which makes it possible for them to come to be a pedometer, calorie counter, and a GPS.     The GPS functionality will work with the cell app using Google Maps.     The moment you set a place your sneakers will vibrate when you are heading in the suitable course.   If you should turn right, your right shoe will vibrate.  

3.)     There are so many varieties of wine, and varying degrees of price that it’s difficult to know what to order when you’re dining out.    So here’s a simple tip about how to select from wine expert Gerald Morgan Jr.
When ordering by the glass, pick the wine that isn’t the cheapest wine, but the next cheapest wine.    It’s always going to be your best value.      The cheapest wine probably comes from a bottle that costs the restaurant $4, but if you pick the next one up in price you’re ordering a wine that costs the restaurant at least twice as much as their cheapest bottle.