1.)     Being overweight could save your life.    That’s part of the news from a new study published by the Mayo Clinic which found that while overweight and obese people have the highest rates of heart disease, they have a lower risk of dying from heart disease than people who are average weight or especially underweight.  In fact, underweight people have the highest risk of dying early overall.     The researchers aren’t exactly certain why.    But they did make the point that they are many other health risks and problems that come with being overweight.

2.)     Now that the world’s biggest sporting event has ended, we can start focusing on America football.    If your husband or boyfriend, or even you, have always wanted to have the NFL Sunday Ticket, the only way to get it has been through DirecTV.    But not everyone can get satellite TV, so this fall DirecTV is going to be offering an Internet-based version of the Sunday Ticket package for tablets, smartphones and game consoles, with prices starting at $199.     But, if you live somewhere that DirecTV decides you could get their satellite service, you won’t be able to buy their internet package.

3.)     The United States Department of Agriculture has been attempting to get people on food stamps to eat healthier.    So along with encouraging major grocery chains to make improvements, like bright lighting in the produce department, the USDA is spending millions of taxpayer dollars on a reward system.    Food stamp recipients would receive points by purchasing healthy food products.    Grocery receipts would be used to keep track of those points, which could then exchanged for free movie tickets.