1.)     The shoe, the thimble, the race car, the iron, the top hat, the Scottie dog, the battleship or the wheelbarrow – one of these will be no more.    Harbro has announced they are eliminating one of those Monopoly game pieces.    It will be replaced by either a toy robot, a helicopter, a cat, a guitar or a diamond ring.     You can vote right now on the Monopoly Facebook page for which token you think should be saved.     Hasbro had eliminated the cannon and the horse as Monopoly game pieces back in the 1990s.

2.)     The Consumer Electronics Show is going on this week and one of the new devices that has been introduced is a high-tech potty.      It’s the iPotty for iPad, a toilet-training device for digitally connected kids.  It's a fairly straightforward potty trainer with a holder designed for the iPad.     There's splash protection for the tablet in the form of a plastic sheet that fits over the iPad, and a lid that turns the contraption into a seat, as well as a pee guard for the boys.     The idea is to get the kid to stay on the potty for as long as it takes to get the job done.

3.)     There are a lot of reasons not to eat at your desk including the crumbs that fall in to your computer keyboard.     But perhaps the biggest reason has nothing to do with cleanliness.      Researchers say regularly eating at your desk can force you to develop a habit, as your brain begins to associate working with eating.    After a while, you'll find yourself craving snacks as you sit down to work, consuming extra calories along the way.      Eating away from your desk helps to remove your mind's association of food with working at your desk.