1.)     Last year, Americans lost a lot of money - $119 billion dollars, which is almost the net worth of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined – gambling.    And we were the number one country by far, with the Chinese next at $76 billion.     And, what’s most impress about this is the fact that while almost every other country on the planet has access to online gambling, which is still illegal and difficult to do in the U.S.  While the majority of the money was lost at casinos, the lottery also accounted for some of the gambling losses.     Overall, 80% of Americans gambled at least once last year, with the average American losing almost $500 gambling over the past 12 months.

2.)     King Street in downtown Charleston continues to attract new, high end stores.     The latest upscale retailer to make the move to King Street is billionaire fashion designer Michael Kors.     Plans have been submitted for Kors to open an upscale boutique near Wentworth Street in place of BCGB Max Azria.      Kors became a billionaire just this week when earnings of his Michael Kors Holdings soared 77 percent, according to Forbes.     The downtown store would be Kors only store in South Carolina.     A timeframe for the opening hasn’t been released yet.

3.)     Speeding is against the law, but most everyone does it.      When you’ve been driving on I26, you may have tried to warn people coming in the opposite direction that a speed trap is ahead.     Police have been known to ticket people who are warning oncoming cars.    In Florida, Ryan Kintner flashed his high beams to alert other drives and was ticketed for doing it.     But Kintner when to court and fought the ticket.     The judge ruled that flashing lights are the equivalent of free speech, so he had every right to flash his lights and the tickets was thrown out.