People can be pretty disgusting…a Pizza Hut in West Virginia was shutdown recently over video footage that showed an employee urinating in the kitchen sink. County health officials shut down the restaurant, and the store will open after a thorough disinfecting.




Barbie has a little competition…a 38-year-old woman in California spent $42,000 on plastic surgery to look like Barbie. Now she's taking it even further with HYPNOTHERAPY sessions to become dumber like Barbie.  She says after 20 sessions that it's working, and she feels, quote, "ditzy and confused all the time." I’m  not sure someone who spent $42,000 to look like a child's toy really needs help getting dumber.



A 55-year-old homeless man named Laszlo Andraschek was at a train station in Hungary.  He was on his way to a meeting for recovering alcoholics, and decided to buy a lottery ticket with his last few dollars. Today that man is a millionaire, winning  2.8 million dollars. After making a huge donation to a homeless shelter, he just announced he's using another big chunk of his winnings to start a charity for recovering addicts and abuse victims.