1.)     For the first time, more women than men are marrying down.    A new survey by the Pew Research Center shows the percentage of women marrying a man with a lesser education is greater than the percentage of men marrying a woman with a lesser education.     It’s close, 21% to 20%, but expect the gap to widen—among newlyweds alone, the figures are 27% vs. 15%.    According to the Los Angeles Times, in 1960, only about 7% of women fell into this category, but the number has risen steadily over the years as women have surpassed men in college graduation rates.

2.)     There’s a new way to shop at Sears – drive-through shopping.    According to MarketWatch, the new “in-vehicle” curbside pick-up is powered by a mobile app.     You place your order on-line, download the Sears app, drive to the store and then use the app to notify Sears you’ve arrived.      The app then starts a 5-minute timer—and if your order hasn't been delivered to your car by an employee by the time it goes off, you get a $5 coupon.     If the program is successful, sister company K-Mart could also see it implemented there.

3.)     A group of Michael Jackson fans have been awarded damages in a French court.   The Michael Jackson Community, a French fan club, sued the King of Pop’s doctor, Conrad Murray, for emotional distress caused by his death.     Of the 34 complainants in the case, the judge ruled that 5 fans from France, Belgium and Switzerland had indeed endured suffering.    Emotionally-charged witness statements and medical reports had enabled those plaintiffs to prove the case.     Each of the 5 was awarded on euro, or about a dollar 36 in damages.     The damages are small, but open the way for similar cases to be filed across Europe.