1.)     If you have a bacon lover on your Christmas list, your prayers have been answered.   “Bacons of the World” provides all the bacon our great nation has to offer, and some bonuses.   Much like the Fruit of the Month club, each quarter, you’ll receive a shipment of five pounds of bacon, half American bacon, the other half a second type, like English bacon or unsmoked Italian pig cheek.     You can order the “Bacons of the World” now for $299 dollars.

2.)     Soon, parents may no longer be able to say “don’t eat that candy, it’ll rot your teeth.”      A Berlin-based company has developed a candy that contains a bacteria which has been found to reduce cavities in lab rats.    Scientists with the company tested the candy out on two groups: one given candy with the bacteria and a control group given a placebo candy without it.      When the experiment ended, the subjects in the first group were found to have reduced cavity-causing bacteria, presumably reducing their chances of tooth decay.

3.)     If you’re graduating college either this month, or this spring, you may very well be a part of the most indebted graduating class in history.    According to the annual report from the Institute for College Access and Success, graduates from the class of 2011 had an average debt of $26,600.      That average debt load for the class of 2012 jumped to $29,400 and is expected to be higher for the class of 2013.     Student debt tended to be highest in Eastern states, with Delaware grads the most indebted at an average of $34,000 each.     The average debt for South Carolina college students in 2012 was $27,600.