1.)     A New York teenager won $50,000 for an invention inspired by his grandfather who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.    The Scientific American “Science in Action Award,” went to this 15 year old whose grandfather’s symptoms caused him to wander from bed in the middle of the night and hurt himself.    The invention uses coin-sized wireless sensors that are worn on the feet that detect pressure caused when the person stands up.   That triggers an audible alert on a caregiver’s smartphone using an app.

2.)     One in five deaths in the U.S., and 30% of all cancer deaths are related to tobacco according to the American Cancer Society.   So it’s surprising that a new study published this week shows that almost 10 percent of people who have beaten cancer continue to smoke.   The study found that the heaviest smoking rates were with people who had cancers strongly linked to smoking.    83% of them puff through an average of 15 cigarettes daily, and 10% say they're not going to quit.

3.)     An unidentified journalist recently broke from Saudi tradition when she read the news on a Saudi TV channel without covering her face with a hijab and some viewers have condemned the station for the “transgression.”   A spokesperson for Saudi TV explained the woman was reading from a studio in Britain, not in Saudi Arabia but “we do not tolerate any transgression of our values and the country's systems" and the incident will not happen again.      Women appearing on TV news channels is fairly new in Saudi Arabia, while women appearing uncovered reading the news is unheard of.