1.)     A Swedish study tells us what common sense should have already: the elderly, both men and women, should ride women's-style bicycles.   The upper crossbar that adds stability to high-speed bikes contributes to accidents when mounting or dismounting.      Four out of ten of the people seriously injured or killed in single-vehicle accident involving a bike are aged over 65-years-old.    Hip injuries are one of the most common types of injuries incurred, and these often occur at low speeds or when the elderly are getting on or off their bikes.    The researchers added that the health benefits of bike riding still outweigh the risk of injury for the elderly.

2.)     Since it was founded in 1953, men have long insisted that they buy Playboy magazine for the articles and the monthly insightful interview with a top newsmaker.    Now, the magazine’s new iPhone app is putting that claim to the test.     The app will include exclusive articles, and “best of” content from the printed version of the magazine and non-nude photos.    So will men pay for Playboy without the photos?  The app is a $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year.

3.)     If you’re ever wondered how it is that banks can offer up free accounts and free checking, the secret may be overdraft fees.    Because so many people are writing checks without having enough money in their account to cover the expense, last year, customers paid $32 billion dollars in overdraft fees.     And, that’s a $400 million dollar jump from 2011.