1.)     In Croatia, there is believed to be more than 450 square miles of land filled with unexploded mines from the Balkan wars, and an estimated 2,500 people have died since in explosions.    Now, a team of Croatian researchers is training something to sniff-out these mines.    But unlike dogs, these won’t step on a mine and set it off.    This helper has an excellent sense of smell, which is used to find food.   So researchers are reprogrammed honeybees by adding the smell of TNT to their food supply.     Once the bees are trained, they’ll be released in mine areas and tracked by heat-seeking cameras to complete the clearing of mines from these fields.

2.)     Apparently not everyone on Facebook has an actual face.   Quartz is reporting a new analysis of Facebook user data has found that of the site's much-boasted-about 1 billion users, only 889.3 million of them are actual people.     The other 100 million are most likely brands, pets, parodies and kitchen appliances.   Facebook still includes these accounts in its "active monthly user" figures, which they now claim to have hit 1.1 billion.

3.)     Makeup isn't just for ladies anymore.    A new trend in stealth makeup, or "grooming," has men's cosmetics sales climbing—to the tune of more than $5 billion that American guys dropped last year on skin care and cosmetics.   That compares to the $2.4 billion spent just 15 years ago.       Part of the trend can be attributed to more men's cosmetics lines, androgynous packaging, grooming blogs, as well as a certain image-conscious class of man.