1.)     What’s the latest thing that Facebook users may be sharing, beyond the selfies and crazy cat videos?     According to a new study led by a Florida State University Psychology professor, it’s a greater risk of eating disorders.    Women in the study placed greater importance on receiving comments and "likes" on their status updates and were more likely to untag photos of themselves and compare their own photos to friends' posted photos, and reported the highest levels of disordered eating.       The study is the first to show that spending just 20 minutes on Facebook actually contributes to the risk of eating disorders.

2.)     Yesterday, the Post & Courier ran a front page story on the challenge of finding affordable housing here in the low country.    So consider taking your money to Spain where buyers are not only purchasing homes, but entire villages.    Because of the economic downturn, thousands of villages have been abandoned across Spain.   So officials are open to serious buyers who present development projects to preserve the towns.      A 60-year-old British man who used to work in television, paid $62,000 for the hamlet of Arrunada.   

3.)     If the sound in movie theatres is a little loud for you, consider a move to Connecticut.      The state legislature's Public Safety and Security Committee is considering a bill which would prevent theaters from showing a film or preview that exceeded 85 decibels.    The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommends noise should be kept below 85 decibels for workers for eight hours to minimize hearing loss.     For comparison, the American Tinnitus Association says 85 decibels is the sound of average traffic, 80 decibels is the sound of an alarm clock 2 feet away, and 100 decibels is the sound of a blow dryer.      An exec with the Motion Picture Association of America told the committee that the legislation is unnecessary and undermines voluntary standards adopted by companies and theaters.