1.)     Last week, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” was watched on YouTube for the two billionth time.    It's the most watched clip on YouTube ever.   At 4:12 minutes, that equates to more than 140 million hours or more than 16,000 years.    According to The Economist, in the same amount of time, providing everyone had the materials, equipment, and skills necessary, people could have built 20 Empire State Buildings, 4 Great Pyramids or 3 super carriers, like the U.S.S. Gerald Ford that took almost 50 million man hours to build last year.

2.)     Thanks to a new app, you'll never have to be grossed out by road kill again.   The WVC Reporter -- WVC is short for Wildlife Vehicle Collision  -- is a smartphone-based system for citizen scientists to sends reports of road kill so that authorities can respond and clean up more quickly. In its first year of use, the WVC Reporter has aggregated 6,822 carcasses from its mobile users so far.

3.)     Gordon Ramsay is a world renowned chef, known for his excellent recipes and his antics on his many TV series.   However, he’s landed in hot water over an eel soup recipe.   Ramsay reportedly is putting Conger eel, an endangered species, into his soup recipe.    The proof Ramsay is using rare eel in his recipe is featured in one of his shows Kill Your Meat Before You Eat.   The episode dates back to three years ago, when Ramsay was filmed catching a conger eel on the series, then cooking the conger eel soup.    A spokesperson for the chef said that the species is not used in any of his restaurants.