1.)     If you have a friend who’s feeling down, you might first think to tell them things aren’t so bad.    Turns out that might not be helpful.   According to a study in the American Psychological Association, people with low self-esteem get a much bigger boost from "negative validation" than from "positive reframing."     They'd rather you tell them that you understand their feelings, and they are normal and appropriate to the situation, instead of you telling them to put on a happy face.    It doesn't mean you should agree with their low self-opinion; instead, just show your empathy. 


2.)     It could be a combination of your two favorite drinks - coffee and wine.    The "wine in a can specialists" at Friends Fun Wine have come up with the world's first coffee-flavored wine.    Cabernet Coffee Espresso features a rich flavor of cabernet grapes, espresso coffee, and a hint of chocolate, while Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino features sweet Chardonnay grapes with vanilla cappuccino coffee and smooth hints of chocolate."   The drinks are low-calorie with 6% alcohol content, but there’s no listing of their caffeine content. 


3.)     Companies are paying their CEOs a lot of money.   Since 1978 CEO pay has risen 725%, while the standard employee pay has only gone up around 10%.       And companies may not be getting a good return on those big salaries.    A new study, done in part at Purdue University, shows that companies with the highest-paid CEOs tend to perform worse in the long run.   And, the longer that executive is in charge also has a big effect on diminishing returns the company may see.