1.)     Even the Transportation Security Administration admits s that airport screening lines can be long and frustrating.    So, if you have a better idea, they want to hear it.    In fact, the TSA is offering rewards totaling up to $15,000 for the best ideas they receive.    You can submit yours on-line between now and August 15th.

2.)     If you want to keep more of your money, stop wasting it on name brands and buy generic drugs.    A new study done, in part, at the University of Chicago, found that 9 times out of 10, doctors buy generic aspirin over the brand-names.     For xxample: A bottle of 100-tablet Bayer brand aspirin costs $6.29 on CVS.com. The CVS store brand costs $2.27 for the same dosage, ingredients and active ingredient.   It’s the same product at half the cost.    The study found Americans waste $44 billion a year on name brands when store brands cost half the price.    The average household buys brand name products 26% of the time.     Pharmacists buy brands only 9% of the time.

3.)     Have you planned for your digital afterlife?    In Japan, where a quarter of the population is already 65 or older, Yahoo Ending is a new Yahoo service that takes care of it for you.    For $1.80 a month month, subscribers can plan their funerals, manage their posthumous online content, and create a "memorial space" where loved ones leave messages for the dearly departed.    The subscribers can also compose their own farewell thoughts, to be emailed to loved ones from beyond the grave.    Users can pre-arrange for accounts to be deactivated, subscriptions to be canceled, and certain online content to be deleted after their death.