1.)     It could be the greatest invention to come out of the Ivy League since Facebook.    A pair of Harvard University students have invented and patented spray can cake batter.      Instead of having to make your own cake batter using a mix, eggs, and water, you can just shake up the can and spray batter right into a pan.     The spray batter reportedly has a more consistent flavor, its organic using fewer chemicals than regular batter, and you can use it to make a cake in the microwave, meaning you can bake a cake in a minute.  Now that the inventors have a patent, they're working on finding a manufacturer to get it in stores.

2.)     How much would you pay for poop?     Some fossilized dinosaur droppings are going up for auction in Los Angeles.   The largest of the ancient poop remains was discovered in a formation in Washington State that dates back between 5 and 33 million years ago. The gallery selling the poo is expecting to get anywhere between $4,000-10,000 per item.

3.)     Bruno Mars did it this past February, but who will perform as part of the next Super Bowl Halftime Show?     Probably rightly, President Obama and his administration have more things to worry about.  A petition to get the President to support having Weird Al Yankovic at this year’s game was posted to www.WhiteHouse.gov.  However, over the weekend the petition was pulled because it violated the WhiteHouse.gov petition Terms of Participation.