1.)     Where are the people who have the highest feeling of job satisfaction working?     According to the website CareerBliss.com, the happiest workers in the United States are in Dayton, Ohio.     Knoxville, Tennessee is next on the list, followed by Honolulu, Memphis, Tennessee and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.    On the other side, their new study says the least happy workers are on the job in Boulder, Colorado.

2.)     Do you know the most used word in the English language?    According to a study by Google, there are eight words that are used in at least 1 percent of all speaking and writing, which means each of those words is used as one out of every 100 words when people communicate.     The most used word, which is actually spoken or written just over 7 percent of the time, which means it’s one out of 14 words, is “the.”     Next on the list is “of,” followed by “and,” “to” and “in.”      The last of those 8 words are “a,” “is” and “that.”

3.)     You may not realize it - and you may find out today if a co-worker has a daughter, but it’s already Girl Scout cookie time.     Each year around 3 million girls sell 200 million boxes of cookies.    This year, the boxes have undergone a makeover.   Redesigned for the first time since 1999, there’s new packaging as the Girl Scouts of America completes its 100th year.     A small QR code on the back of the box links to a Girl Scout website page with more information about the cookie program, the largest initiative that all Girl Scouts do together.    Plus, there’s now an iPhone and Android app called the Cookie Locator to help you find the cookies closest to you.