1.)     While they still represent a small overall number, the popularity of naming children after guns is growing in the U.S.   In 2002, only 194 babies were named Colt, while in 2012 there were 955.   Just 185 babies were given the name Remington in 2002, but by 2012 the number had jumped to 666.   Perhaps the most surprising of all, however, is a jump in the name Ruger, which is America's leading firearm manufacturer, from just 23 in 2002 to 118 in 2012.

2.)     The best way to get cows producing is to play some soft, smooth, slow jams.   Modern Farmer took a lengthy look at the influence of music on milk cows.   Because of all the stressful noise, many farmers find that a great way to make happy cows and keep the oxtyocin flowing and milk pumping is to turn on some good music.     Studies show that slow music played at a large dairy farm increased cows’ milk production by 3%, in contrast to fast music which basically didn’t do anything.    

3.)     Playing mindless video games can do one positive thing for you – help you lose weight.   That’s if you’re playing the right game.   A study by researchers at Plymouth University found that playing Tetris for 3 minutes can reduce the strength of your food cravings.    And, it may also dissuade you from drinking alcohol and smoking.    Basically, it’s replacing addition with distraction.     Among their study participants with cravings who were allowed to play Tetris, 24% reported weaker cravings.