1.)     You might think that Black Friday is the best day to get shopping deals, but it turns out that’s just hype.    The personal shopping site “Shop It To Me” analyzed more than 1 million sale items available online from January 1st to December 31st.    Their research found the best holiday to buy, with an average discount of 47%, was Presidents Day.    By way of comparison, Black Friday online retail sales averaged 44% off.    It turns out you can also get better deals on Labor Day (46% off), July 4th (45% off) and Columbus Day (45%).

2.)     We’ve all heard the stories about rents in New York City, where a 700-square foot, one-bedroom apartment averages $1,504-a-month in rent.     However, you won’t find the highest apartment rents in New York City.    A new study shows the highest rents in our nation are in Williston, North Dakota, where a small one-bedroom apartment rents for almost $2,400 a month.   The oil boom has the northwest North Dakota town with a small supply of apartments, and a lot of oil workers making six-figure salaries moving there.    The second highest rent in the country is in the San Jose and Sunnyvale area of California.    A small one-bedroom in Silicon Valley averages $1,881.      The San Francisco area has the third-highest rent in the country, with New York actually 7th.

3.)     Outside of the Swimsuit issue, one thing you won’t find on the cover of Sports Illustrated is women.    Writer Mary Beth Williams did the research and discovered that no actively competitive female sports figures have appeared on SI cover since Olympic gymnast team in July of 2012.     Not a single competitive female sports figure was on a Sports Illustrated cover in 2013, while the Gymnastics Team was the only female cover in 2012.    Soccer player Hope Solo was the only female sports figure on the magazine's cover in 2011.  Three women were featured in 2010, but there weren’t any in 2009.