1.)     If you haven’t already downloaded “Flappy Birds,” you’re out of luck.   The creator of the game has officially pulled the app, saying he could no longer hand the pressure and success following its instant success.   The Android version of the game had been downloaded 50 million times, and since the game is still installed on millions of devices, the game will continue to earn the “Flappy Birds” maker tens of thousands dollars each week.       If you never downloaded Flappy Birds, someone is auctioning an iPhone 5S with Flappy Bird preloaded.    The listing asks for an opening bid of $650.                  http://www.ebay.com/itm/181321090752

2.)     If you were hoping to buy a pair of Kanye West’s Air Yeezy II Red October sneakers from Nike, you’ve missed out.    The shoes went on sale yesterday afternoon at 1, and the $245 dollar sneakers sold out in 11 minutes.      But you can try to buy a pair in the secondary market on-line.    Red Octobers in size 8 ½ and 13 are on sales for $5,000.   If you’re a size 10 ½, you can snap up a pair for $3,750, while size 12’s will cost you $7,500.

3.)     To celebrate its 10th Anniversary, Facebook created the nostalgic “Look Back” videos and they turned out to be a huge hit.    However, not everyone is happy with the way their video has turned out.    So, Facebook is now letting you edit your video until you think it’s perfect.   They have a new editor allowing you to swap out images and status updates.    This way you can put together the video you want, then share it on your timeline.