1.)     Of all the electricity that was sold in the United State in 2012, just under 10 percent of it was sold in one state, Texas.       Of the almost 3.7 trillion kilowatt hours sold in the U.S. 3 states used almost one quarter of it.     While Texas is the largest electricity consumer, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration, California was 2nd, using almost 7%, while Florida was the 3rd largest consumer, using almost 6% of all electricity in the United States in 2012.

2.)     If you’re an average American, you threw out 65 pounds of old electronic goods last year.     And, according to LiveScience, that amount is set to increase by about 33% over the next 5 years.   Last year, the world produced about 54 million tons of electronic waste.   Some of it is recycled but most is not and where e-waste is recycled, it is often done in a way harmful to the environment and worker’s health.    The rate of waste is so high because engineers are constantly creating innovative designs to lure people to buy more, newer electronics.

3.)     Whether you’re just a fan of the duo, or you’re overwhelmed by the holidays and need a pick-up, you may want to think about placing a call to 719-26-OATES.   That’s the number of “Callin’ Oates,” the Daryl Hall John Oates hotline.      When you call, you’ll be given the option of hearing one of 4 Hall & Oates songs.    Press 1 to hear "One on One", press 2 to hear "Rich Girl", press 3 to hear "Maneater" or press 4 to hear "Private Eyes".