1.)     You may have never heard of it, but today is National Public Gardens Day.     You can celebrate by enjoying Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in West Ashley today for free!       The day was established by the American Public Gardens Association, and is designed to raise awareness about the important role public gardens play in promoting plant and water conservation.    Visit the National Public Gardens Day website to print out a free coupon that you can use for your free admission at Magnolia Plantations, today only.

2.)     With beach season on, you read and hear a lot about how you should stay out of the sun.    However, research from a 20 year, 30,000 person Swedish study is claiming that not getting enough sun might be just as bad as getting too much.     While you don’t need skin cancer, you do need vitamin D which comes from the sun.     The study showed that mortality was about double in women who avoided sun exposure compared to the highest exposure group.  

3.)     Ever wonder what your dog is doing when you’re not home?    Could be he’s playing video games.    CleverPet is a new game console specifically for dogs.     It has three sensitive touch pads which light up interactively when touched by your dogs paw or nose.    When the pads are hit in the right order, food is release for your pet.    Then, the next game is made slightly more complex.     Plus, there’s a smartphone app that you can use to see how much your dog has played.