1.)     Who has your back?    When it comes to internet privacy 9 companies rise above the rest according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation 4th annual report.   The report reviewed 26 companies and the highest ratings, six stars, were given to Apple, Credo Mobile, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Sonic, Twitter, and Yahoo.     The study found that Snapchat, AT&T, and Comcast lagged “behind others.” Snapchat was among the biggest privacy underachievers, earning one star.  

2.)     Maybe Mother’s Day wasn’t all that great for Mom this year after all.   The Cheating web site AshleyMadison.com said that this past Monday, the day after Mother’s Day, 17,000 moms signed up.    That’s a 431 percent increase from a typical Monday.    Husbands need to beware that letting their wives down on holidays may be an issue.   AshleyMadison.com says January 2nd and February 15th – the days after New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day, are also days the site sees a huge increase in sign-ups.

3.)     If you or someone you know is dealing with type 2 diabetes following an ancient proverb may help you manage the disease.   In a study, researchers split diabetic volunteers into two groups eating the same number of calories every day in either two meals or six meals,   They found that those who only consumed breakfast and lunch lost more weight, had lower blood sugar, and had better insulin management than those eating six meals a day.     So “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.'