1.)     A recent ruling by courts in Europe means Internet users can now ask Google to remove outdated or incorrect information about them from search results.     If you are interested in purging that information, Forget.me makes the process easy.    Log on the Forget.me site and click the Get Started button.   You’ll need to create an account by filling out a form.   Forget.me performs a search and provides a list of results.   Select links that you’d like to remove and the reason why.   Once you submit your request, the Forget.me dashboard keeps you up to date with the progress of your request, and let you know when your links are removed. | https://forget.me/

2.)     If you’re in New York City and feel like having a 32 or even 64 ounce drink, you can once again buy that big drink.   New York’s highest court refused to reinstate New York City’s ban on the sale of big sodas, ruling that the city’s health department overstepped its bounds when it approved the 16-ounce cap on sugary beverages.     The court determined the city’s Board of Health engaged in policy-making, and not simply health regulations, when it imposed the restrictions on restaurants, delis, movie theaters, stadiums, and street cart vendors.

3.)     Who are this year’s sexiest celebrity vegetarians?    PETA has given that honor to Jared Leto and Ellen Page.    The Academy Award winning Leto, who won his Oscar for his role in “Dallas Buyers Club,” is a vegan who has been a vegetarian since her was a teenager.   Ellen Page was an Oscar nominee for her performance in “Juno” and is a vegan as well.