1.)     If you need a little more motivation to power through you workouts, you want to consider Pavlok.    The fitness tracking wristband keeps track of information like gym visits and the number of steps you walk in a day, and gives the wear a short, sharp electric shock in the wrist if you’re not hitting your fitness goals.      The creator of Pavlok says the idea is to jolt you in the adopting better habits, as research shows that consistency is the key to forming a habit.  

2.)     Can it be a challenge for you at times to stay awake when you’re behind the wheel?    Harken is a new prototype that may soon be able to help.   The device provides extra security for drivers by sending an alarm when its sensors detect that the person is falling asleep.    Harken measures the user’s heart rate using its seat belt sensors, and respiratory pace using its seat cover sensors.    As Harken monitors your data in real-time, it sends an alert when its signal processing unit detects changes in your breathing or heart rate, which could suggest a state of fatigue or drowsiness.

3.)     Does it seem like every time you turn on your TV you see a commercial for Geico?    You’re probably not wrong.   Whether it’s the infamous gecko or even Maxwell the pig, Geico paid for a lot of advertising last year, spending almost a billion dollars.     The insurance company spent $935 million on ads last year — and certainly hopes there no one left in our country who doesn’t know how long it might take them to save 15% on car insurance.