There's a new app launching next week called Fixed that helps you fight PARKING TICKETS.  If you get a parking ticket, you scan it into the app, and tell them why you think it's unfair.  They evaluate your case, tell you the odds of beating it, and file the paperwork for you.  If you beat it, you pay them 25% of the ticket . . . if you don't beat it, you don't pay them.


Like anyone needs help selling Girl Scout cookies, but this business-savvy Girl Scout in San Francisco had to call for back-up cookies just 45 minutes after setting up shop in an inspired location: Outside a medical marijuana clinic. In two hours, the 13-year-old sold 117 boxes to customers with the munchies.


It's a real life Seinfeld moment. A man from Iowa decided he wanted to snack on a Twix while working. So Robert McKevitt inserted a dollar in the vending machine, punched in the code for the candy, and watched it get stuck. He inserted another dollar to help free it with no luck. He even banged and shook the machine until he lost it. He raised it with a forklift and dropped it 6 times. McKevitt got his Twix Bars, and also got fired.