1.)     There’ll be no more checking work e-mail after 6 o’clock, at least for tech workers in France.     That’s the result of a deal made between trade unions and employer federations, which is an amendment to a 1999 deal which imposed a maximum 35 hour work week.     The rule was added because workers felt being expected to respond to emails outside normal working hours was undermining the 35-hour policy.   Under the terms of the agreement, employees must switch off any work phones at 6 PM and must not log in to any work accounts.    Meanwhile bosses must not pressure employees to read or reply to messages outside of working hours.

2.)     The new scrabble word, selected by fans of the board game, is a verb meaning to track down items as part of a game using a Global Positioning System device.    Geocache beat out 15 other nominated words in online fan voting.    it’s the first word to be added to the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary in almost a decade.    Zen was the runner-up in the 16 word fan vote.   

3.)      A man in China is suing his ex-girlfriend because she insisted on bringing her stuffed animal, Snoopy, on dates throughout their four-year relationship.   The boyfriend had to buy extra food and tickets to the movies just for the stuffed animal.    Eventually, he snapped, throwing Snoopy in anger after refusing to take it into the bathroom, and broke up with the woman.    He then decided the “mental anguish” caused by Snoopy deserved compensation and has taken his ex to court looking for $6,450 in damages.