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Justin Bieber has released his new single, "Heartbreaker." 

"Heartbreaker" is the first new music from the 19-year-old since he released an acoustic version of his Believe album in January.  It is also the first song to arrive as a part of his "Music Mondays" Twitter campaign, gearing up fans for more releases in the coming weeks. 

He released "Heartbreaker" on iTunes at midnight Eastern on Sunday, after months of teasers.  In the iTunes description, Justin appears to make mention of his much-publicized breakup with Selena Gomez. 

Justin says the song "is for people going through a heartbreak - like [he] was when [he] wrote it."  He adds that he hopes it gives fans "some insight into [his] heart" and that it "means so much" to him to be able to "share what [he] was, and still [is] going through."  

The hashtag "#BuyHeartbreakerOniTunes" started trending minutes after midnight, and the song broke the top ten on U.S. iTunes charts within an hour of its release.