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It was Charleston's first try at a fast food employee walkout. Protestors centered in front of the McDonalds on Charleston's Crosstown. The first effort locally did lack some punch and lasted about an hour.

The walkout was held in 100 other cities across the country. Workers want better working conditions, the right to unionize and $15.00 per hour.

Charleston's walkout was organized by the Carolina Alliance for Fair Employment and the SC Progressive Network and resulted in roughly 30 protestors.

Organizers like the Progressive Network's, Pastor Thomas Dixon says the giant chains are making big profits and cutting employees out.

"We have a sagging economy right now, yes we do because the big wigs are just banking it while the little man doesn't have enough to spend."

Nobody disagrees that some are not paid what they are worth but the majority seems to agree $15.00 per hour is a steep increase.

Most of the outrage from opponents went to social media. A previous story posted on News 2's Facebook page set off a flurry of comments taking issue with the pay increase.

 One critic took a more direct approach on Thursday, getting out of his car to give protestors his thoughts on the walkout. The quick shouting match ended with the man telling them how much he made he earned per hour.

May 2012 earnings statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor places food preparation and serving workers together with fast food.

Stats show 10-percent of those in the industry make $7.74 per hour 90- percent makes $11.24 per hour and the median income is $8.78 or $18,260 per year.

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