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A Stratford High School student tested positive for tuberculosis.

On Monday afternoon, DHEC was informed by a medical facility that a Stratford High student may be infected. On Tuesday, he was interviewed and tested, with positive results for TB.

137 students who may have been exposed to Tuberculosis because they share either a classroom or a bus with the patient are being recommended for testing.

The school sent out a reverse 911 call to all students Wednesday. The school sent home testing packets with the 137 students. DHEC is offering free testing for the 137 students at a DHEC office on Thursday, or at the school on Friday. The blood test will be free for students, but only with written permission from their parents.

Parents could also pay to have their child tested at their physician's office. If parents of students who are not a part of that group of 137 want their child tested, they will have to pay for that on their own.

Test results are expected back next week.

Here is some information you may find reassuring about tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a lung infection that can only be transmitted through the air and can be effectively treated with antibiotics. TB particles may dissipate rather quickly. A place is free from TB a short time after a contagious person leaves.

School district officials plan to talk to the media about this issue tomorrow morning.

Here are some additional resources on TB. Call 1-800-868-0404 or visit www.scdhec.gov/health/disease/tb<http://www.scdhec.gov/health/disease/tb>

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