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Lindsey Ranz died in January when she was hit by a car at a crosswalk in the downtown crosstown area that feeds onto Interstate 26.

Thursday she would have turned 22.

"You know the grief does overcome me but my love, and my passion, and doing the right thing for Lindsey and her memory and others is what drives me," Lindsey's mother. Lynnette Ranz said.

That drive has also moved legislators and the South Carolina Department of Transportation to get moving over the past six months. Tuesday they approved a study to put an overpass where Lindsey Ranz died this year, and another pedestrian, Hannah Elridge, was killed in 2013.

There is another overpass about a block away but you have to cut through a neighborhood to get to it.

"I wouldn't want any young woman going through that particular side yard to cross that particular overpass, no," Ranz said, "It's not accessible. Bottom line."

SCDOT said, "removing the existing overpass would certainly be a possibility. The results of the study should speak to whether or not both would be necessary, and whether or not the proposed intersection would be a more appropriate location."

"I really feel as though the study will indicate that because this is the entrance to a highway and the Ravenel Bridge that the only thing I see that's definitely going to keep anyone else from being hit and killed at that intersection is an overpass," Ranz said.

On Friday at 6:30 p.m. there will be a fundraiser at Palmetto Brewery for the Lindsey Taylor Ranz Foundation. That foundation is to promote legislation for better pedestrian walkways downtown.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.