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Deputies in Charleston County recently arrested a local man on fraud charges, the arrest may serve as a cautionary tale on the damage that can be done with stolen social security numbers.

Investigators believe Quinton Wright was working the system for about 5-years. His scheme included banks, title loan businesses and car dealerships. Deputies say he did a lot of his work using stolen social security numbers.

Nine digits that credit councilors like, Carolyn Lecque, from Family Services Inc. says can wreck a lifetime of hard work in the wrong hands. "You can get an apartment, you can get a car, you can get a credit card, I mean you can do so many things with somebody's information. Stolen is one thing but if it's used, you are in for trouble for a long time."

Deputies say 36-year old Quinton Wright got ahold of some numbers and used them often. He was arrested earlier this week on 17 outstanding warrants for obtaining goods by false pretenses, breach of trust and altering vehicle titles.

Deputies say he would use a fake name along with altered or stolen social security numbers. He would then establish credit at local car dealerships and banks, receiving credit cards, loans or lines of credit. It's alleged he would purchase vehicles, one for $26-thousand and then leave the finance companies holding the bag.

But he didn't stop there, investigators say he would also make fake car titles as well, removing the Banks ownership and with the fake title and identity he received cash from title loan companies. Investigators say on one trip he got $815 loan on Cadillac and on another $15-thousand dollar loan on a GMC YUKON.

A Charleston County Magistrate gave Wright an 80-thousand dollar bond. Investigators have not said where Wright obtained the Social Security Numbers.

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