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On Sunday when the downpour and unusual high tide was causing severe flooding throughout the Charleston peninsula, one North Charleston condominium complex was having to deal not only with standing storm water, but also had sewage water seeping into their homes.

"The water in my neighbor's toilet started bubbling up," said Carla Goodman, of the Riverway complex on Lucille Drive.
Every time there is heavy amounts of rain, residents fear the ditch will overflow, which is exactly what happened on Sunday.
She had just warned her neighbor since the unpleasant had already happened once before. However, it was too late. The sewage water managed to get into their hallways living room and kitchen areas.

"Robert told me, we got trouble, and there was already water rushing out like a river," said John Ettling.

The residents of Riverway want answers. They called the North Charleston Sewer District to report the problem. A crew was sent out to sanitize the area but not their homes.

"I'm worried about my three children," said Goodman.

The sewer district tells News 2 that the large amount of storm water caused a manhole to overflow, because the a small station pump could not keep up, causing the sewage water to get out. Yet, they could not say anything about preventing the problem from occurring again since it was storm water that ultimately caused the entire problem.

Meanwhile, the North Charleston Storm Water Department said they would be taking a look at the ditch and sending a crew to assess the problem.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.