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The fire today has been devastating for those who live and work in Georgetown. Many people spent part of their day watching as firefighters put out the fire.

Reed Hammond has lived in Georgetown since 1971, "this is devastating for everybody."

Hammond says he eats at what was The Buzzard's Roost just about every day. Today that restaurant burned to the ground. "All these buildings are so old, the wood is probably fat lighter. Once it started, poof it all went."

As soon as he heard about the fire, he came, like many others, to Front street to do what he could. Because I care about the city. I mean, I have a lot of friends around here. I care about them. The man that owns one place, I went and checked on his boat."

Sara Knutson has been in Georgetown 13 years. "It's crazy. I'm not used to seeing stuff like this."

She says the fire, and knowing what it destroyed, has been very difficult, "I cried a lot, because I've been in all these buildings. And it's just not the same with them burned down, people out of jobs, especially people that you know."

And though only buildings were destroyed, Brad Freeman says a piece of Georgetown went with them. "The fact that we've lost so much history… I mean these buildings are irreplaceable. Regardless of how much money they may get from an insurance company. You can't replace the history and the stories behind all those buildings."

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.