From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

Thousands of Charleston County School District employees are receiving pay increases this week, while others had their pay frozen if their salary met the market value.

While some of the employees will see the pay difference reflected in their paychecks this Friday, those who work less 240 or 218 days will see the adjustment at the end of July.

According to Jason Sakran, a district spokesperson, the district does not consider the pay increase a raise for employees because it does not reflect improved performance. Rather it is considered a salary adjustment because their pay was compared to those of employees in nearby areas and is being raised to keep salaries competitive and at market value.

However, those with the lowest paying wages had their salaries frozen and the pay increase does not apply to them.

At Tuesday’s school board meeting, Bill Briggman, the district’s HR Director, told News 2 employees considered to have "supportive positions" did not apply because they were being paid at or above the approved salary schedule.

A new pay schedule was approved and implemented after the district carried out a compensation study. 8.5 million was approved to allow Fox Lawson to look into the pay structures and for the salary adjustments. The majority of the pay raises going to teachers.

According to the Post and Courier, these are approximately 1,000 food service workers, administrative support clerks, Head Start teachers, teaching assistants, classroom assistants that were left out from the raise.

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