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One person is dead after a motorcycle accident in downtown Charleston Sunday.

The motorcycle accident happened on the Huger Street off ramp to the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. The field underneath the off-ramp was littered with debris. Twisted and mangled motorcycle parts and a snapped light pole fill the grassy area.

Greg Pinkerton was walking his dog around the scene like he does most days during the week. However, when he found a light pole lying in the field, he realized something about his routine was anything but ordinary.

"I came across one of the street light poles on the ground, and I assumed a car hit it," Pinkerton said.

As he kept walking, however, Pinkerton said he discovered the crashed motorcycle and the body of the victim was found just a few feet away.

"The front end was completely gone," he said. "There were pieces of [the motorcycle] spread everywhere. Really the only thing that was intact was the engine. Everything was just in pieces scattered around."

Officers were on scene for several hours Sunday piecing together what happened.  One lane of the Ravenel Bridge was closed for a short time while police on the bridge surveyed the scene. As authorities investigated, bystanders said they were in shock.

"It's terrifying. I've never seen anything like it," Harriet Dean said.

Dean has been riding motorcycles since she could drive. She, among many others, had one question on their mind.

"I can't even fathom how [the motorcycle] would go over the railing of the overpass and fall off," she said. "It's bewildering."

As many still await answers to the questions surrounding what happened, Pinkerton is still working to process his discovery.

"I was surprised that I didn't have more of a reaction in a way I guess," he said. "It still hasn't sunk in."

The Charleston County Coroner has not released the identity of the man.

Photo Credit: Mark VanDyke Photography Shutterstock