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At a press conference in Charleston Wednesday, NAACP leaders specifically asked the media to help by looking into exactly what happened during a number of recent police-involved shootings.

Dot Scott, President of the Charleston Branch of the NAACP said, "you guys may need to ask that question. How many officers have killed a black person? What were the circumstances around that? Maybe you all can help us find the answer."

We'll start with the circumstances of a shooting a couple of months ago in Hanahan.

Scott said she was concerned about why the car was pulled over in the first place. "The initial stop, which goes back to our profiling thing. The tinted car. The window was tinted. So the guy dies as a result of a tinted car."

Travis Jerome Miller was shot by a Hanahan Police Officer on August 19th of this year.

Miller was in a car that was pulled over because the tinting was too dark. Four people got out of the car. Miller ran from police when officers said they were going to pat them all down.

Police and Miller exchanged fire. Miller was killed. Hanahan's Police Chief says Miller had a gun he was firing at officers behind his back as he ran.

Scott said the shooting of Ricky Anthony Jennings is another shooting that concerns them. Jennings was shot on June 2, 2013 by a Charleston County Deputy.

During that incident, deputies were responding to a possible drunk driving call.

Jennings led a Charleston County Deputy on a chase while driving a U-Haul truck. Once Jennings stopped, officials say a struggle started, and the deputy ended up tasing and then shooting Jennings twice.

Jennings was charged with reckless driving, failure to stop for blue lights, assault in first degree and resisting arrest. He was not charged with DUI.

Scott said she was also concerned about, "the March 2012 killing of Carlton Pringle by the North Charleston Police Department."

Carlton Pringle was seriously injured, but not killed, when he was shot on March 25th of 2012 by a North Charleston Police Officer.

North Charleston Officers were responding to a shooting call in the Ferndale neighborhood. Pringle was seen walking in the area, and he fit the description of a person involved in the shooting. The officer got out to question Pringle, and he began to run. The officer says Pringle pulled a gun on him, so the officer shot Pringle multiple times.

The NAACP says they are asking the Justice Department to investigate the shootings.

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