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Wednesday morning began with the prosecution laying some groundwork with a cell phone expert. Officials then called FBI investigator Henisky who testified to the phone calls from personal cellphones and drop phones, allegedly purchased by Wendy Moore.

The agent testified that that there were a flurry of calls between March 25th and April 8th involving Wendy Moore to Chris Latham and Moore to Samuel Yenawine and Yenawine to Aaron Wilkinson. All of the calls were made on personal cell phones or drop phones allegedly purchased by Wendy Moore.

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The agent also testified about internet searches on Chris Latham's cell phone that included Nancy's father and his address address in Conway. 

The agent also looked into bank records of Latham and Moore. He said no large amount were pulled from Chris Latham's account, however there were large cash transfers between his other accounts including one he shared with a good friend, a day after Wendy Moore's arrest in April of 2013.

The prosecutors asked who paid for Wendy Moore's attorney and he answered Chris Latham the agent added that Wendy Moore paid for the alleged "hired gun" Samuel Yenawine's Attorney in Louisville, KY. The agent said Chris Latham coordinated payment in both cases.

On Wednesday afternoon there will be recorded phone conversations between Moore and Latham that include talk of council for Yenawine.

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