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 A former Charleston County Sheriff’s office detective puts a murder case in jeopardy after it is discovered that he slept with a murder suspect’s mother.

The trial of defendant Reginald Gordon was set to begin on July 28 but may have been delayed due to a motion to dismiss filed by the defense attorney. It was discovered that detective Charles Lawrence was sleeping with the mother of Gordon’s co-defendant Derrick Brown.

According to the Post and Courier, the defense attorney argues that murder charges against Gordon and Brown should be dropped.

The sheriff’s office said that Lawrence was placed on administrative leave and resigned during his appeal process. As a result of his involvement and the fact that he lied about when the relationship with Brown’s mother occurred, all of cases that were assigned to him are being evaluated.

Attorneys in Charleston County received notice from the solicitor Scarlet Wilson’s office letting them know to look out for any cases they may be handling that Lawrence may have been assigned to.

Attorney Stephen Futeral says there is a possibility that the murder charge be dismissed, if the defense can show an extreme amount of prejudice due to the relationship between Brown’s mother and Lawrence. It can also happen says Futeral if, which he says is unlikely, things were extremely biases.

“However, having said that there are other remedies available to the court for example, the court can decide to exclude certain witnesses from testifying or exclude certain information or evidence that was gathered as a result of any improper conduct. So it doesn't have to go to the extreme of just simply dismissing the charge.”

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