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Police are investigating several vehicle breakins in the Lowcountry. Several of the crimes took place in Crowfield Plantation in Goose Creek.

Those crimes all took place either late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. 5 incidents happened in three different neighborhoods in Crowfield.

According to police reports, at around 2am Wednesday morning, a neighbor noticed 4 males near a house on Winding Rock road. The neighbor saw one man open the door of a Honda Odyssey in the driveway and sit inside while smoking a cigarette. Nothing was reported stolen during this incident.

During this investigation, another officer reported finding a car a block away, on Saddleback Circle, where thieves stole some college books and a laptop.

Two houses over in Adthan Place were also hit by thieves. A truck parked in front if a house on Adthan Circle had a garage door opener stolen out of it. Police were called to a house just down the street, on Adshaw court. An SUV that was broken into there was left unlocked. The victim, Christy Fox, lost 7 cordless drills, and several saws as well as other tools worth thousands of dollars that were stolen. "I mean that's what I do for a living. I needed all of those."

Not only will it cost her several thousand bucks to replace the stolen items, but it also forced some changes for her business. "We had to reschedule some things, push them back, which, when you're building stuff, that's pretty important to stay on time."

Finally, a truck in front of a house in the next neighborhood over, Stonehurst, was also broken into. A GPS and a laser level were stolen. That victim, Pam Robinson, says people in the community are shocked at what happened. "Nobody saw or heard anything. There has been some people in Stonehurst before that have had issues in the past, but nothing recent, and everybody was shocked to hear that some people were walking around breaking into cars."

Goose Creek Police do not have any suspects charged for these crimes. If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 554-1111.

Most of these vehicles were unlocked. The Goose Creek Police Department recommends keeping your vehicles locked, and report suspicious activity as soon as you see it.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.