From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

Dorchester County Deputies spent most of Monday busting two meth labs within five miles of each other.

The first lab was found on Harrison Road in Ladson around 11:00 Monday morning. A man and a woman were taken into custody in that incident, officials said on scene.

The second was discovered on Wendy Way in Summerville in the afternoon.  

The Summerville street was filled with agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency and officials with the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office. Agents could be seen going in and out of the duplex in protective gear, bringing out many different chemicals used to make meth.

Around 3 p.m., one man was handcuffed and escorted away from the home. There is no word on what charges he will face.

Neighbors crowded the street as investigators worked to figure out what happened. Many said they were shocked and worried to find a lab so close to their homes and to their children.

"It's surprising that I could be this close to your house, you know," one neighbor said. "Just living here and not knowing right next door is things going on."

That neighbor, who asked for News 2 not to publish his name, said he has lived in the area since March. That is when the same home was allegedly raided, but with different tenants living in the duplex.

He said he's seen a lot of people coming in and out the home, but he also said he never smelled or saw anything that really raised suspicion.

"There has been a lot of traffic in and out of there," he said. "I spoke to the neighbor and he seemed like a nice guy, for the most part."

Officials with the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office said these two meth labs were being handled by agents from the undercover narcotics unit. Officials tell News 2 that they received multiple tips from anonymous neighbors about the possibility of the meth labs.

Authorities have not released any information about the suspects or released what charges they could be facing.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.