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Some in the Lowcountry say they will be more mindful of rides at the 57th Annual Coastal Carolina Fair this year

Last week, five people were injured after a ride suddenly jolted into gear after coming to a stop. Authorities have charged the ride operator for that accident.

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Sandy Diaz has been going to the fair in Ladson for the past 15 years. She said she still has plans to take her two children, although she has more questions about safety.

"It kind of makes me wonder if they are keeping up with their rides as far as the maintenance and whenever the put them up," Diaz said. "Are they putting them up correctly or are they just putting them up so they can start opening the doors?"

Yolanda Williams has also gone to the fair with her children and grandchildren. After hearing about last week's accident, she has concerns about how often the rides are checked.

"It's a big problem, especially if people lose their lives," she said. "I don't think they're checking them good enough. I really don't."

News 2 reached out to officials from the Coastal Carolina Fair and the Exchange Club (that manages the rides) who say they have a three-part system to make sure riders are protected.

"The state of South Carolina inspects any ride that will enter into South Carolina," Joe Bulchoz said. "Secondly, the carnival, of course, has its own safety inspections. The Exchange Club also hires it's own contract safety firm to inspect rides too."

The Coastal Carolina Fair opens on October 31 and runs through November 10.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.