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It's a small lane off of Whilden Street in the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant that has been getting a lot of attention.

According to its website, the Old Village Armory is expected to open its doors on May Lane in just a few months. The store will be the only gun shop in Mt. Pleasant, and its location is concerning to some.

The area around the shop is made up of residential homes and is near a school and two churches.

That concerns some neighbors.

"I have guns; I like to hunt; I'm not opposed to guns, but I am opposed to locating a gun shop in a residential neighborhood where there's lots of schools, churches, children those kind of things," Jimmy Bagwell said.

The gun shop was given a business license in October of 2013. There are no ordinances in Mt. Pleasant that discuss where a gun shop can be built. The only businesses that are limited by the town are tattoo parlors, strip clubs and shooting ranges. Those cannot be within 1,000 feet of a church or school.

The shop is being built in an area that is undergoing a lot of development. A new and controversial subdivision is under construction and many new businesses are coming to the area.

"It's exciting, and [the gun shop] is just adding more to the community," said Jennifer Anderson.

She runs Pleasant E-Cigs, a new business on May Lane. She said the new gun shop could actually make the area safer.

"It's regulated," she said. "It's better to buy it a gun store where you have to go through the process of buying guns then going and doing somewhere behind closed doors."

Still, there are concerns about what other business could come to the area since the gun shop was allowed.

"I think it sets a bad precedent. If we are going to locate gun shops in that part of town, what's next, and I think that's the main concern," Bagwell said.

News 2 reached out to the owner of the Old Village Armory, but our phone calls have not been returned.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.