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If the federal government does shut down tonight at midnight, folks here in the Lowcountry will be impacted.

At American Legion Post 166 in Goose Creek,  Government shutdown is a topic of conversation. Albert Millon is retired from the Navy, "I was a mustang. What they call a lieutenant, and so forth during the Vietnam war. The shut down tonight, if it happens, I'm afraid it is going to shut down our national security as well."

That should not happen. However, up to a million federal employees, including some civilians at places like Joint Base Charleston, would go on furlough. There could also be penalties if those workers work while on furlough.

As far as active duty is concerned, Millon says, "They'll get a check. I do believe that the active-duty people will get a check. They won't completely shut down the Pentagon. I feel that they will have the money to support our troops."

Congress agreed this afternoon to pay the members of the military, so their check should not be impacted.

Millon says as a retiree, he is also concerned about military retirement checks. "I don't know if they're gonna send us a check next month or not. But we never know."

Once again, those checks will be sent out on time since they are already appropriated.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.