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This go-round may be different from her previous race as political experts say she will be judged on her record instead of her ethnicity, age, and gender.

Her camp is likely to push the state's economic growth and job creation. In the last year, unemployment fell by more than a percentage point. However, coming out of July, the Palmetto State saw nearly no growth in jobs, according to the Department of Employment and Workforce. Unemployment sits at 8.1 percent. Nationally, unemployment dropped to 7.4 percent in July.

In 2010, Gov. Haley beat Vincent Sheheen 51-47, in what some political experts called a close race in a red state. She faces him again. It's like democrats will remind voters of the Savannah River debacle and the hacking scandal at the SC Department of Revenue.

Since announcing his run, 12 mayors from around the state threw their support behind Sheheen .

"Vincent Sheheen will be a strong advocate for building South Carolina's economy from within. Vincent understands the importance of Charleston's port for our economy, as well as the economy of the entire state, and he stands with us in supporting its dredging. He stands with our region in building a clean-energy economy and supporting our local, small businesses to grow jobs. Vincent stands with Lowcountry families in improving public education and expanding access to 4-year old kindergarten. Vincent Sheheen is the right candidate to move South Carolina forward, that's why I'm proud to stand with him." Joseph Riley, Mayor of Charleston, said.

According to the most recent polls from Winthrop University, the Governor picked up some support among voters between February and April.

She's also better funded in her second quest, her spokesman reported. A high dollar fundraiser will follow her announcement Monday.

The announcement is expected at the Bi Lo Center in Greenville Monday afternoon. She will be flanked by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

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