The Goose Creek Police Department is investigating two possible reckless driving charges after several videos were posted on YouTube, including one which brags about outrunning a Goose Creek Police Officer.

The vides were shot by someone on a motorcycle. They were recorded using a helmet mounted camera.

Two of the incidents are being investigated. They are posted on a YouTube channel, "Tyler D."

The first took place on May 17th at around 6:30PM on Redbank Road. The video, entitled, "Road Rage in Goose Creek," shows a car ride by the cyclist as someone yells something out the window.

The cyclist then rides up to confront the female driving the car before he rides between two cars, then passes a number of other vehicles on St. James Boulevard at a high rate of speed.

Later that evening, he was pulled over by North Charleston Police. He also recorded and posted that video. He was not charged at that time.

Then on June 21st just after 11PM another incident was recorded. It begins with the words, "So many cops… why must they ruin my fun?"

The motorcyclist is back on Redbank Road, and driving at a high rate of speed.

He passes a Goose Creek Police Officer, and when the officer begins to turn around, he begins driving at a high rate of speed before evading the officer.

In the first video, he even tells the lady driving the car, "Oh goodness, oh goodness, you're going on YouTube."

Goose Creek Police say "Tyler D" is Tyler Denniston of Goose Creek. They are currently gathering information, but according to the police reports, they are recommending issuing warrants for reckless driving in this case.

Police will not comment further, as this investigation is still underway.

You can watch the videos at the YouTube link below.

Warning: There is some foul language in the videos

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