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It will soon cost you more to eat at restaurants in Goose Creek. Tonight, Goose Creek City Council voted to approve a new 2% hospitality tax.

Prior to their vote, there was a lot of discussion about the new tax. The tax adds 2% to the price of prepared foods in the city.

One resident who spoke out during public discussion of the issue said, "To me it makes no sense. We're a city, we're debt free. So does it make sense to anybody to raise taxes now that we're debt free?"

Others spoke out in support, saying they would like to see the money go to recreation in the city. "If I go to Hardee's and spend $100, it's gonna cost me an extra $2. I think we can afford that. I support the hospitality tax."

When it came time to vote, all of council, with the exception of Councilman Jerry Tekac voted for it.

After the meeting, Tekac explained why he voted no. "I feel it is important that we as a council inform our public what we're gonna spend our money on. And we haven't done that."

But even Tekac says he supports the new tax. However, he just wanted the city to spell out specifically what would be paid for with the nearly $1 million per year in new tax dollars.

The new tax takes effect January 1, 2014.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.