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As students start a fresh new school year this week, they leave behind old testing standards. The end of the last school year saw the end of the “PASS” and HSAP” tests.

Now, educators are speaking out after a statewide drop in test scores.

While many districts like Charleston and DD2 outperformed state scores, a statewide dip has educators putting the blame on what they were told to teach.

On the PASS test for example, a different set of standards were tested in 2014 than in the previous year.

Joseph Pye, Superintendent, Dorchester District 2, “all of us saw the bridge, it's like riding over the Ravenel bridge, nice journey, nice car, nice trip, you're looking over to see Mt. Pleasant and the rooftops and you look down and there is no more bridge... the bridge didn't touch, something happened it didn't connect the way we thought it should connect.”

Legislators will review the Common Core standards again in 2015. For more information on specific testing scores for your child's school, you can go to:

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