From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

The scene is common it's the ebb and flow, some days are worse than others and all are in agreement, flooding is a problem. But don't check it off as a passé news story just yet.

The flooding is an issue for commuters and residents. It's also a reminder of another problem, one that is as old as the city itself and some close to the situation like Drew Leillich from Carolina Exterminating, say it may be getting worse.

"We deal with a rodent called a Norwegian; it's a Norwegian sewer rat."

Over the past few months the flooding incidents on the peninsula have been more numerous. Leilich says he is getting calls from residents, store and restaurant owners.

And while business for is good for exterminators, rodents scurrying beneath an historic city is no big surprise. But Leilich says there may be more than first thought.

"My-gosh our business is up ten-fold; these rats these, rodents are taking over. They really are; it's unbelievable."

 It's the perfect environment under a city like Charleston with all of its nooks and sewer lines crisscrossing below until of course, the rains come.

The rains will continue and the generations of rodents that have staked claim below the city will always be flushed out. But is it time to take a closer look at the numbers? Lielich believes that may be a good idea.

"I don't want to use the word epidemic but you know it's definitely a challenge in our industry in the Charleston area for sure."