From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

CHARLESTON, SC - Some fast thinking teachers jumped into action after their school bus, packed with kids, ran a stop sign and the driver was tossed from behind the wheel.

On December 4 a long awaited field trip for 4th Graders at Pinckney Elementary was coming to and end and teacher Amy Ryan said it  exceeded expectations.  "The field trip was beautiful we went to Bulls Island we had a great day it was warm, the kids hiked, we had a great field trip."  

It was the end of a perfect field trip and then there was trouble at the intersection of See Wee and Bulls Island Road.   "I don't remember who said it first but somebody said stop, stop sign, stop and you could tell the bus driver was just going too fast to stop. The bus driver overturned and it felt like we were going to tip a little bit."

As the bus weaved and kids the screamed Ryan looked ahead and found that somebody else had taken the wheel.   "I look up and Mr. Morris is at the wheel and the bus driver is next to the seat."

As the bus driver lie on the floor Language Interpreter, Lee Morris said he really didn't think at that point he just reacted.   "Because of the turn of the wheels we came back out of the ditch but that's when I was able to jump up and grab the wheel and keep it going down the road straight. I was trying to work with the driver but he couldn't reach the breaks from where he was."

Amy Ryan reacted to bring the bus to a stop,  "I asked Mr. Morris if he could reach the break and he said no and so I jumped in stopped the bus."

Both educators say they did what anyone else would have done, Ryan says she's a little uncomfortable now that word is out about their heroics.  "It's not one those things that you really want credit for and honestly I wish it didn't happen it was very scary- it's nice it's really very nice but it feels a little strange."

Photo Credit: Turbo83 Shutterstock